sofa1Quint opened in East London at the beginning of 2005, it was started by Lisa Whatmough a former Sculptor and Painter. Her initial desire was to showcase the antique textiles she had been collecting and found that a fusion of period furniture and fabrics made for unexpected one off pieces.

The range comprises of items such as Victorian chaise longues and iconic Egg chairs and includes all types of upholstered furniture as well as mirrors and lighting, each piece bespoke incorporating a mix of contemporary and vintage fabrics…

What to say about them…I really like them..visit the site –> here


3 Responses to “A New Sofa”

  1. mmonika

    hi there kojiki? I stumble upon your blog , the we share same theme:) i just LOVE this sofa! did you buy 1-2 for your own use? visited your other blog too – you take nice pictures. i spotted that “bell” that moves from your other blog, and actually grabbed it to try out. I love it there, can I use it? Please let me know if you would like me to remove it =)

    • Torie

      Annarita, ho visto il video e devo dire che mi ha&aa60;tr1scin#ta a vedere quel sole fisso e le quel sottofondo da brividi. E pensare che tutti  noi facciamo parte di tanta grandezza.Le due domande che si pongono i geniali artisti chi sà forse si avvererà. , si e no.. ma le scoperte iniziano con le domande.Un abbraccio ciao!

  2. Kojiki


    Glad you have found my blog…Those sofas are very charming I think….


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