” Pure pleasure – a bath in harmony with yourself and nature – a sensuous experience, balancing and relaxing. In an OVERFLOW whirlpool by KÄSCH you will focus on nothing but yourself and soothing massage sensations. The water flows back into the basin in a seemingly endless cycle, allowing you to enjoy this visual and acoustic experience during your bath, from start to finish “..


5 Responses to “Bath in Harmony”

  1. Sandra

    How beautiful! I am going to run a bath right now.

    This theme is such a perfect fit for you blog. Whatever theme you use, you always make it look so gorgeous.

    Be well, my friend!

  2. Kojiki

    Hi Sandra..

    Yes those bath are fantastic..Relaxing …I try lots of themes to so how much we can reduce them so we like them and fit our style…..now I have fixed the latest..Mystique…..


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