Geta are a form of traditional Japanese footwear that resembles both clogs and flip-flops. They are a kind of sandal with an elevated wooden base held onto the foot with a fabric thong to keep the foot well above the ground. They are worn with traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono or yukata, but in Japan also with Western clothing during the summer months. Sometimes geta are worn in rain  to keep the feet dry.
Source Wikipedia


7 Responses to “Modern Geta”

  1. Galen Pearl

    Hi, I saw your comment on Sandra’s blog and came over for a visit. What wonderful photos and fascinating text. I learned a lot in just a few minutes and was very entertained. I look forward to reading more. –Galen

      • Rileigh

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    • Jonni

      I’m well past this time of life, kids are 16 and 19, plus I’m not a mom. However, I remember those days. However this did remind me of this past weekend. We went to church and when we got home, our dog had been freaked out because of a thunderstorm. Unutntfraoely, he had made a mess, a number 2, all OVER the house. He ran from room to room in freak out mode, leaving a mess everywhere. OF course our house only has carpet in a few of the rooms, but he found every room. Oh, I guess I digressed. Anyway, thanks for the thoughts!

  2. Johnie

    dit :Je me décide enfin à venir ici sur les conseils de l&;r817#A2madio del Delitto. Elle avait raison, tes photos sont magnifiques. Ça y est je suis déjà fan, je vais revenir…


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