4749269017_b870d5489e_zObi are the belts worn by Japanese women when they wear kimono or Yokata. This decorative belt is usually 12-14 inches wide and extends from the waist to the breast. It wraps several times around the waist and ends in a decorative knot or bow at the center back. Although obi are thought to keep the closureless kimono wrapped shut, in fact, its purpose is more nearly decorative and a place in which to slip narrow objects, such as a closed fan, small compact, money holder and/or hankerchief. Underneath the obi are softer, more pliable tightly tied sashes that actually keep the kimono firmly in place.


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  1. Kimono | Taste of Japan

    […] The typical woman’s kimono consists of twelve or more pieces to be worn and secured in certain ways, and usually an assistant kimono dresser is needed to put it on. Kimonos are always wrapped with the left side over the right, except when used as a burial garment. → Obi […]


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