Kusamono Kusa = Grass, mono = thing is planted a plant or several. Combinations of grasses with flowering plants can bring very delightful effects out. As planting containers here also larger ceramics bowls, stones, bamboo canes, root sticks, ceramica pieces of broken glass, serve old bricks, glass containers etc.. Before Kusamono in any form presents, one issues, are all brown stems carefully to be removed. The earth’s surface is to be covered either with Moos or with fine gravel. Kokedama Koke = Moos, dama = ball from Akadama and Ketotsuchi one forms a ball under addition of water. The plant is gespflanzt into this mixture and appliziert approximately to the conclusion Moos. That is the “Quick and Dirty Way” to the Kusamono. The product Kokedama can look quite responding however already at the beginning. Shitakusa Shita = down, kusa = grass thereby are meant plants, which are presented with a Bonsai or a Suiseki in the Tokonoma. They must fit into the total composition: suitably the kind of the Bonsai, suitably the used roll picture, suitably the season. Neari Ne = root, arai = washed, washed the plants are cultivated for the time being in a bowl. If the bowl is well through-been rooted, one takes the plant from the bowl and places her on a keramikplate.

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