Geishas compared with a Maiko/Geisha apprentice is less showy. A Geisha kimono is usually a strong base color with a simple design and subtle patterns based on scenes from nature or traditional Japanese themes, according to the seasons. Similarly, the Obi / cloth around his waist, as most tend to be brocade fabric of a single color, usually adorned with minimal Obi belts and brooches.Read more about geishas here

Geishas & Maiko gallery here


3 Responses to “Geisha FAQ”

  1. .

    Interesting! strong culture which is still very alive today. Some similarities to the chinese tea ceremony ? as a respect to the elders, to apologize & thank. Very common during weddings. Lovely pictures. Smiles,

  2. Hans Karlsson

    Hi! Small correction: Maiko are not apprentices of geisha. They are called hangyoku, which means half-jewel, implying they only receive half the fee of a geisha. Maiko is the name of a geiko aprentice. Geisha operate in Tokyo, geiko in Kyoto. If you want to hear a geisha talk about herself in English, why not come to my site and have a listen? I hope you will enjoy the program!


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