Sounds of Summer

Edo Furin, Wind Chime were made as far back as 1600 and are thought to have been brought to Japan from China.  Furin were originally hung in bamboo forests to ward off evil spirits who were thought to dwell there.  Over time the Edo Furin has become a summer fixture in Japan and the Japanese have a fondness for the unique and peaceful sounds that the glass wind chimes emit as they sway in the breeze.

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2 Responses to “Edo Furin”

  1. Bhaven

    This is a comment for your overall site. I am a photographer and am totally impressed with the quality of your pics on this site. Do you take these photos yourself?

  2. Kojiki

    The photos on this site is not mine ..Many send photos to me..because I do only use high quality.
    Thanks for you intrest.


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