Tokushima festival features folkdances performed to welcome the souls of ancestors in the Bon season, from July to August. It is well known throughout Japan for these words, which are voiced to set the rhythm, regardless of their meaning: It’s a fool who dances and a fool who watches! If both are fools, you might as well have fun dancing! The dance dates back to 1587 when the feudal lord Hachisuka Iemasa 1558-1638, in celebration of newly-built Tokushima Castle, offered sake to the people of the castle town; the citizens became so drunk they started to dance in an unsteady gait. Awa is the former name of Tokushima.

Awa Odori → Tokushima between August 12th and 15th. The mens’ dance is dynamic and energetic. The womens’ dance is fascinating and elegant.


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  1. petacherry

    I LOVED the little cups you had yesterday with figures drawn inside that left the shoes on the saucers… cant find them today??? can you tell me who the designer was???


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