Yosakoi (よさこい) is an unique style of dance and a modern rendition of a tradition summer dance, Awa Odori. The style of dance is highly energetic, combining traditional Japanese dance movements with modern music. In the dialect of Tosa province modern-day Kōchi Prefecture, Yosakoi means Come at night.

The costumes used by Yosakoi teams vary widely. Happi coats and yukata. However, some groups choose costumes that are based on historical attire, popular fashions, or ethnic fashions.

The official yosakoi dance is based on a song called Yosakoi Naruko Dancing, written by Takemasa Eisaku.

 Gallery Photo ajpscshere

One of the defining aspects of Yosakoi dance is the use of Naruko small wooden clappers that are held in the hands of each dancer. Naruko were originally used to scare birds away from rice fields.


3 Responses to “Yosakoi”

  1. Priya

    How very beautiful. The pictures, the concept of Narukos (I wonder if it was the farmers who began this form of dancing to spend some time away from the toil of farming), the clap-clapping.
    It must’ve been said a hundred times before, Kojiki, but I don’t mind repeating it — everything here is elegant.

    What are Happy Coats?


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