The central Hokkaido town of Furano’s popularity stems from the lavender flowers that bloom there. There are numerous flower fields of various sizes all across Furano. The best spot to view the lavender is → Farm Tomita, whose lavender and flower fields with the Tokachi mountain range as backdrop are spectacular.


7 Responses to “Tomita Lavender Fields”

    • Kojiki

      WOW..Glad you like…..Provence or…could be……This fields in Hokkaido..they are fantastatic…rainbow colors…..

  1. monika

    Hi Kojiki,
    Apologies for the long silence. Been quite busy. After all these busy – ness, taking a couple of days off for a short trip to Vietnam! I didnt quite realize the message of yours on the header – looks beautiful! I have since changed the url to Please visit to see the kinds of header and background that would be good for this website. Still updating with more pictures, details, etc though Also managed to put pictures and stuff. thanks, . By the way .. love the beautiful field of lavender!

  2. yokie

    Hi may i know when is the date in July u went to farm tomita in furano? I m planning to go there in july this year. I want to know if i go there around 13th or 14th july will i see beautiful lavender like what u see?


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