Awa Odori

Tokushima festival features folkdances performed to welcome the souls of ancestors in the Bon season, from July to August….
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10 Responses to “Last Dance Of Summer”

  1. carpetbeater

    Even in food the high definition of line and mission to find perfection is so evident. Perhaps that is the attraction of Japanese culture for me. My first introduction to Japan was as a teenager admiring David Bowie’s costumes and his obsession with Japan. I have never lost the initial fascination. Hope you are well. – dave

    • Kojiki

      Japan has a beautiful culture I likie very much….David Bowie and his costymes and style was absolut outstanding. Art…….

  2. Ada horn

    I am a watercolor artist on Maui. I would very much appreciate your help in re-finding your layout posted on August 30-31 on flowers and TASTE of JAPAN at that period. YOUR DESIGN SENSE IS sublime, minimal and breathtakingly beautiful. With much appreciation. Ada

    • Kojiki

      Did you mean the older designs of these blogs. Do you want some help or…Thanks for your compliments..warmth my heart

  3. celmonwan

    Ah so your into the Japanese culture as well!Is the last dance of summer every year?

    • Kojiki

      Every year. they have this ceremony Awa Odori..’last dance of summer’ as well…..Thanks for your comment…..

  4. dave

    I knew WordPress alone could not achieve such balanced perfection. How are you my graphic genius?
    Sometimes, I wish I could come and spend an hour listening to your explaination of these creations, perhaps you could record it, stinulated by bloggers questions?
    Audio is the only part missing on the internet. Yes I know music is sometimes added but not always to taste and gets turned off. But a cultural theme as yours?
    It is beautiful sunshine in London. I hope you are warm and happy.

    • Kojiki

      ThankYou for this very nice comments…glad you like what you see. The weather in Sweden is grey and rainy…. but after rain the sun will come to visit I hope.. Sometimes and more often I wish my English was much better……

      Have a nice day Dave


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