Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro

Hanatouro is an event where the ancient capital of Kyoto, which has 1,200 years of tradition, will be lit up with millions of beautiful lights. This artistic event is presented with a fantastic atmosphere.

Sagano – Arashiyama Area, a place known for being rich in nature, holds Hanatouro every December. After sunset when the streets became dark, 2,500 Andon, oriental lamps, are installed on the streets and will be lit up all at once. The bamboo forest, Togetsukyo Bridge across the Katsura River as well as historical temples and shrines will all be illuminated.


20 Responses to “Hanatoro”

  1. Jean-François

    Taste of Japan…the wonderfull world of Kojiki
    Smiles from France

  2. Gail S.

    Your blog is truly beautiful and I look forward to seeing more about Hanatouro and the nation of Japan. I hope some of the event is seen on U.S. television.

  3. carpetbeater

    Beautiful, the sort of thing worth travelling thousands of miles to witness, see and of course photograph for oneself. Hope you are well.

  4. Florian / Abandoned Kansai

    Just out of curiosity: Did you take the pictures? They kind of look like promo photos, because in reality the place is terribly crowded and it’s incredibly tough to take good photos… 😦

  5. Ada horn

    Kojikisan! I was there, at Sagano, Arishiyama area. Got off the ‘wrong train stop’ in Kyoto which actually turned out to be a magical place – like the Hokusai paintings come alive. I love Japan.

  6. Mz Zoomer

    You have a really beautiful blog. I am so happy to have found it and to enjoy both your images and your stories. Thanks.

  7. rimassolosailingaroundtheworldm

    I love of Japan,next year my trip solo sailing around the world will be the first stop KOCHI-Japan for supply food and water.Happy New Year!


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