WagashiWagashi is a traditional Japanese confectionery which is often served with tea, especially the types made of mochi, azuki bean paste, and fruits. Read more about Wagashi and Japanese Food →  here



12 Responses to “Wagashi”

  1. mishmm

    Looks tasty :3 I’m really glad I can learn so much from your blog. I am currently studying Japanese and will probably go to Japan one day!
    Thank You!

  2. renmi86

    Japanese sweets are so tasty. What I really like about them is that they are a little bit healthier than normal sweets, since the ingredients are more natural. Of coarse some types contain a lot of sugar, but when I can identify the ingredients’ origin (like rice or sweet potato) I feel a little but better about eating it.

    • Mattie

      Steve JoA:nonshre you off your rocker? Are the terrorist state department proxies and the hotel guests from the Pentagon or vice-versa? If you think there would be less violence in India if America were remade in MM’s patchwork image, you’re just nuts.

  3. Adzuki Beans – Japanese Inspiration for a Sweet Treat | POMiami

    […] The Japanese word for Red Bean Paste, Anko, has uses in different forms. The two pastes made from adzuki are named Tsubuan and Koshian (Anko). Texture differentiates the two types. Koshian has a smooth nature because a sieve helps to remove any bean skins found in the mash. Historically and currently, Japanese confections such as wagashi use Koshian paste because of the texture (Kojikisan, 2011). […]


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