hagoita 2A hagoita is a rectangular board with a handle used for playing a New Year game called hanetsuki. It is perhaps best described as a kind of game hitting badminton shuttlecocks with large ping-pong rackets. The hagoita sold at Hagoita-ichi, however, are not for practical use; they are, in fact, good-luck charms for ornamental purposes, for they are decorated with gorgeous pictures and accessories. The front of the hagoita is designed with images of elegantly made-up Kabuki actors.


Kanji hatsu means first or start in Japanese

Kanji hatsu means first or start in Japanese

Hatsumōde – first shrine visit of the year
Hatsu hi no de – first sunrise of the new year
Hatsuyume – first dream of the new year


17 Responses to “Hagoita”

    • jeff

      良いお年を / yoi otoshi o
      I forgot nothing of you, what you brought me…
      Smiles Miss Doctor Theme 😉

  1. Sonja

    oh, i know of the game, but i never knew that they were so beautifully decorated !

  2. TheOneColony-OneHub

    Good day;
    Japan is such a marvelous culture, so deep, it always astonishes me with so much details.
    And each of those little details have a precise meaning!
    That is simply captivating!


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