I’m working as a graphics designer. One of my intrest is Japan, Kyoto. I live in Sweden, near Malmoe. A coffee latte in the morning is a must be. Hope you will enjoy your stay!

W e l c o m e   T o  M y  M a l m o e

Malmoe is the third largest city in Sweden, situated in its southern most province of Scania. Malmoe is the seat of Malmoe Municipality and the capital of Scania County The city contains many historic buildings and parks, and is also a commercial center for the western part of Scania. During the last few years a university college (University College of Malmoe) has been established and the city is now trying to focus on education, arts and culture. Malmoe was recently ranked 4 in Grist Magazine’s “15 Green Cities” list.

The beach Ribersborg in the western harbour, is a man-made shallow beach, stretching along Malmoes coast line. Despite Malmoes chilly Climate, it is sometimes referred to as the “Riviera of the North” or the “Swedish Riviera.”

Malmoe is part of the transnational Oresund Region and since 2000 the Oresund Bridge crosses the Oresund strait to Copenhagen, Denmark.


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